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FRI FRAKT & GRATIS RETUR | Utforska Brady kollektionerna
FRI FRAKT & GRATIS RETUR | Utforska Brady kollektionerna

The Journal

Cloos Guide: The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Glasses

Fingerprints, face creams, dirt and dust particles - over the course of the day, quite a lot accumulates on the lenses and frames. To see clearly again, the glasses need to be cleaned. Is there anything you can do wrong? Yes, you can.

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Seen With Cloos: BIG Architect Marius Tromholt-Richter

In this month's Seen With Cloos, we are excited to introduce Junior Architect at Bjarke Engels Group (BIG), Marius Tromholt-Richter, who took part in the design process of the Cloos x Brady collection!

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Cloos Life: How to find the perfect frames for your face shape

Square glasses, round glasses, wide or narrower glasses? And you have no idea what frames are the right choice for your face shape? 

At Christopher Cloos we offer you a variety and a large selection of sunglasses, blue light glasses and prescription glasses. But which are the perfect glasses for you? Thanks to this guide, you will find out what shape your face is and which glasses suit you best.

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Seen With Cloos: John LeFevre

In this month's Seen With Cloos, we're honored to introduce author, entrepreneur and former investment banker John LeFevre. Get behind his motivation for a radical change of career path, cynicism towards the banking industry  and much more in this exclusive interview. 

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Cloos Guide: Top 5 Summer Cocktails

It's summer and nothing stands in the way of mixing cocktails. Because we have a huge selection of delicious, summer cocktails that anyone can master making. Perfect for those long, hot days...and nights! All in the Cloos Style.

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