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Seen With Cloos: Giorgio Giangiulio

Seen With Cloos: Giorgio Giangiulio

In this month's Seen With Cloos, we are excited to introduce Giorgio Giangiulio, Italian model, menswear consultant, and content creator. Get to know the sophisticated Italian, who also happens to be a loyal Cloos ambassador, in this exclusive Seen With Cloos interview.


Tell us about an ordinary day in your life?

I have a very active lifestyle. My phone rings all the time and the days are passing by very fast. In addition, I often travel for work during the weekdays but no matter what I always find time to go to the gym, doing my usual boxing workout or play paddel tennis with good friends. When I am in my hometown in Abruzzo, rhythms are quite slowly and I love to just enjoy the beachside, going for a quick lunch or a motorcycle ride.


How would you define your style?

I think one could define it as timeless Italian style. Basically, I am classic with an huge sartorial taste. I am anything but overly corporate, following the mantra “less is more”. Being natural and confident is one of the keys to true elegance. For most people I represent the cliché of the Italian man, not only for the way I dress. I like that in a part.


Giorgio Giangiulio

Giorgio wearing Passable - Champagne. 


What inspires you in your choice of style?

I take inspiration from the ‘70s and the ‘80s. Those are my favorite eras. I watch old movies, I buy vintage magazines, and I try to absorb that vibe without being gloomy or conservative. I could mention a lot of icons who act like a lighthouse to me. Just to name a few: Marcello Mastroianni, Gianni Agnelli, Richard Gere, Ralph Lauren, Pierce Brosnan…


What are your best style tips?

Style is something personal that makes one unique. It is kind of like a personal journey. So, my best tip is: Let yourself be inspired by others but be true to yourself and create your own style to express who you are.


Tell us about your way into men’s fashion. 

I think I was born with this passion for fashion. It is something I have always had in me. I have got some photos from when I was four years old, wearing a blue blazer, shirt and a tie. Many years later fate chose this path for me. It may  sounds weird but it is true. Fate gave me the chance to make my way in this business and I accepted the challenge. So, I turned my biggest passion into my job.


Giorgio wearing Passable - Champagne. 


What came first, modelling or men’s fashion?

Modeling first and immediately after men’s fashion. I started off “playing around” on Instagram posting my daily outfits. Little by little I noticed that people were interested in me and in my knowledge. Including people who I knew already worked in this business, asking me for tips or my personal opinion about this and that.

I realized that people trusted me. At that point I said: "okay, this should be my job." So, today I work as a model and as a menswear consultant. Right before I talked about fate. Well… Not everyone knows that I was a fat guy till 25 years old! I am saying that because it is crazy how life can change if you want it to.


From your experience, what are the best and worst parts of being a men’s fashion influencer?

For me, the best part of being a men's fashion influencer is that I get to travel a lot. I get to discover other cultures and meet different people from every corner of the world, and that gives you the opportunity to open your mind. I am curious and attracted by everything that is different from me. Today I have a hundreds of friends around the world and that is the best achievement of my path.

The worst part is to be considered an icon. I live my role as anti-hero actually. I mean… I am glad and flattered to be considered this way, but I am just a simple guy. I receive a lot of messages from young people who tell me: “Giorgio, I wanna be like you!” and every time I gently answer: “Why do you wanna be like me? You might be better.” Today, a lot of people, especially with the advent of social media, are spending their time and money trying to be “alike”. It does not make sense for me.


Giorgio wearing Passable - Champagne. 


Do you have any advice for aspiring men's fashion influencers?

Be authentic, be humble, study, and be passionate. Then repeat over and over again. If you want to be a fashion influencer to simply feel like a star or to get free stuff from brands, please give it up. Social media is full of peacocks with fake followers who's acting for what they are not. 

Remember: Do not care about who you are but what you know and what you say. 


What is your absolute favorite pair of Cloos and why do you like the brand?

That is the most difficult question to answer! I am a Christopher Cloos addict and has been so since the beginning. I have almost the entire collection. So, let me mention two of my absolute favorites: Passable and Pacifica. Those are the ones with me in the best moments of my life. 

I love Christopher Cloos for the classic design and the excellent quality. That is what I am looking for in a pair of sunglasses. 

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