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Cloos Guide: The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Glasses

Cloos Guide: The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Glasses
Fingerprints, face creams, dirt and dust particles - over the course of the day, quite a lot accumulates on the lenses and frames. To see clearly again, the glasses need to be cleaned. Is there anything you can do wrong? Yes, you can.

Many spectacle wearers reach for the next best thing: a handkerchief, a piece of clothing, etc., and do nothing good for their visual aid. Correct care of your glasses prolongs the life of your lenses. The biggest problem - many spectacle wearers don't know what the wrong care means for their glasses.
However, the correct care of glasses is not difficult at all, it is child's play. You should observe the following points when caring for your glasses.

1. How to care for and clean your glasses properly

If you have to do it quickly
Use a microfibre cloth or lens cloth to clean your glasses on the go. This removes grease and moisture. However, this does not replace proper and regular cleaning.
The same applies to microfibre cloths: to avoid scratching the glass surface, first remove coarse dirt and dust from the glasses, either with water or by blowing away the dust particles.

Regular cleaning of glasses
Hold the glasses under running water to remove the coarsest dirt. The water should be lukewarm so as not to damage the coating on the lenses. Then gently rub a little washing-up liquid onto the lenses with your fingers - without applying much pressure - then rinse under running water. Then clean the glasses gently with a microfibre cloth. Cover both sides of the glasses with a cloth and wipe gently. Go over the glasses in a circular motion, avoiding pressure. It is best to hold rimless frames by the rim to prevent too much tension.

Practical aids
Special eyeglass care products available from opticians can help with daily cleaning.

For heavy soiling
Go to the optician every 4-6 months and have your glasses cleaned with an ultrasonic device. This is usually free of charge. You can also buy an ultrasonic cleaner to use at home.

2. Avoid the following things when cleaning

Damaging material
Clothes, handkerchiefs, kitchen paper, towels damage the glasses (abrasive effect).
Our tip: Do not use tissues for lens cleaning!
They pick up additional dirt during cleaning and cause micro-scratches, as dirt particles are merely rubbed back and forth. This wears down the lens and reduces your vision over time. Experts refer to this as "lens blindness". Even small scratches on the lens that are not perceptible to the human eye can irritate the eye.

Aggressive cleaning agents
Window glass cleaners, aggressive detergents and the like damage the glass coating and the surface of the frame.

Damp cleaning cloths & dirty glasses cloths
Alcohol, which is usually contained in damp spectacle cleaning cloths, can damage your plastic lenses. Therefore, please do not (continue to) use it.

Too much pressure
Avoid warping the frame or damaging the lens coating.

3. How to store your glasses properly

Always keep your glasses in your glasses case. Ideally, the glasses should be wrapped in a microfibre cloth. Of course, the case should be clean and not dirty with sand and the like.

It is best to keep the microfibre cloth in the glasses case so that no dust or dirt particles can settle on it. You can also wash it with mild detergent, but without fabric softener, at a maximum of 40 degrees.

Always place the glasses on the temples outside the case. Above all, avoid placing the glasses on the glass side to prevent damage. You should also avoid putting your glasses in your host's pocket, jacket and the like.


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