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Christopher Cloos guide to 5 perfect beach cars

Christopher Cloos guide to 5 perfect beach cars

What did Aristotle Onsassis, Grave Kelly and Gianni Agnelli all have in common? They did not only define the 60’s cool and classic style, but they also had an extraordinary taste when it came to their fondness for timeless ‘summer’ cars. During the summers they would always be seen driving around in one of these - between beach clubs, the marina and their lavish summer residences.

Christopher Cloos has made a guide and his top five recommendations when it comes to stylish beach cars that we are sure will steal the attention on the French Riviera.

1. Mini Moke

It is no surprise that the classic and timeless Mini Moke is to be found on the top of the list. Once a failed military vehicle turned out to be the jet-setters all time favorite beach car.

It’s doorless body, simple mechanic and in general charming and cute look makes it a perfect fit for the the French or Italian Mediterranean - not to mention that Brigitte Bardot drove one as well.


2. Fiat Jolly

The Fiat Jolly is another great example of a successful conversion of the iconic Fiat 500. Droved by legends such as Aristotle Onassis and Yul Brynner this summer cruiser with basket seats is without a doubt ‘bon vivant’ and a top pick by Christopher Cloos.


3. The Fiat Eden Roc

The Fiat Eden Roc is without a doubt one of the most unique and beautiful beach cars ever made. It was originally based on the visions of the flamboyant Gianni Agnelli as a transporter that could be used to move his guests from his summer residence in Nice down to the beach.

Based on a Fiat Multipla chassis but completely converted to the perfect open-air car with a nautical theme – and a would interior that most yachts would be jealous of.


4. Citroën Mehari

The French people haven’t been so bad themselves when it comes to building cool beach cars. Most notably is the timeless Citroën Mehari that is popular choice as well by beach-car lovers.

Originally build on a 2CV platform – and with characteristics that leads us to a fast-running dromedary camel this car is perfect for transporting yourself during the summers.

5. Meyers Manx

If the father of all beach cars wasn’t mentioned, we would be a bit worry about Christopher Cloos’ guide as the beach car trend was initially started by the artist and Californian engineer Bruce Meyer.

He came up with the beach buggy ‘Meyers Manx’ that was based on VW Beetle and was droved by legendary Steve McQueen. Cool? We like to think so.

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