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Cloos Guide: How To Fix Bent Glasses Easily At Home

Cloos Guide: How To Fix Bent Glasses Easily At Home

Bent glasses can be unbent. It may take some time and patience, but we like to see glasses as an investment, and it is definitely worth spending a little effort to try and save them. Here, we give you our top tips on how to straighten and fix bent glasses.

We have all tried it. You put your glasses down for just a minute and … crunch. Whether you sit on them, step on them, or drop them from your pocket, glasses can get damaged for various reasons. You shouldn't just let them go, however – if you love your frames, chances are there’s a solution to fixing them. Get ready to learn how to fix bent glasses.


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Identify the problem

The first thing to determine is where the kink in your glasses is. Often, you can tell your frames are bent because they do not fit on your face right, but you can’t identify exactly where the problem is.

 Luckily, this is easy to determine. Place your glasses on a table or another flat surface and see which side is up in the air. Take note, because this is the side that needs to be fixed.

Before you begin

When setting out to fix your bent glasses, make sure that you are not in a rush and have the time to be patient. If you try to force them back into shape, you may just end up making more damage than good. Thus, here are some things to keep in mind while working on your glasses

  • Be gentle and don’t use excessive force.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure.
  • Avoid quick, uncontrolled movements.

How to Fix Bent Acetate Frames

It is crucial to understand which fixing method is the right one to use depending on which material your glasses are made of. With acetate frames, all you need to correct them is warm water or steam. As the acetate gets heated, it is made pliable, allowing you to gently bend the frames into place. Here are the exact steps to follow:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water, making sure that the temperature is not too hot. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for your acetate glasses.
  2. Either place your glasses in this bowl of warm water, or hold them under a stream of hot water. They need to be exposed to the warmth for between 30 seconds and a minute.
  3. Once sufficiently heated, the glasses will be especially fragile.
  4. Hold the glasses steady as your thumbs make minor adjustments. Apply pressure a little bit at a time.
  5. Try them on or put them on a flat surface to assess the effect. If they still need some work, repeat the process one more time.

How to Fix Bent Metal Frames

To fix glasses with metal frames (e.g. our Gouverneur or St. Barths) there are two things you’ll need: soft, plastic-tipped pliers and a thin piece of cloth. Then, try these steps:

  1. Place a thin cloth over the glasses to prevent them from getting damaged. This could be a hankie or a cloth napkin.
  2. Make sure the cloth is unwrinkled so you can see how the glasses bend underneath it.
  3. Position the pliers over the bent section of the frames.
  4. Hold them secure but not too hard as you adjust the glasses.
  5. Try them on to see if they fit properly. If not, continue to straighten as needed.

Stock Up on Timeless Frames

Sometimes, the damage done to your glasses may be so serious that you can't fix them yourself. If you don't want spend a lot of money getting them fixed professionally, there’s another simple solution. At Christopher Cloos, we offer timeless and elegant frames in premium quality at affordable prices. And even though all glasses can get bent, each frame across the Cloos Collection is made from particularly robust materials, as well as being equipped with spring hinges to ensure a perfect fit for every face shape.

Don’t let bent glasses keep you from superior style. Browse the Cloos Collection and stock up on frames you’ll love.


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